Getting Started

This Getting Started section has information about where you should begin before developing. Each of the APIs is connected to a JAVA app data simulator, which simulates Cities and Enterprises activity from the node(s). You will first need to obtain a client account before you can start developing.

Contact your "Current, Powered by GE™ " representative to obtain a client account, which includes the following, before you start developing:
  1. client-id and client-secret to generate client tokens
  2. predix-zone-id for each service
  3. service URLs.

Once you have access to the system, you can start developing solutions utilizing the APIs.

Simulated Data Stream Information

Current, Powered by GE™ recommends using the APIs to gather data and run the data simulator application prior to using real data.

Once you have obtained a client account, you can access the data simulator application and retrieve simulated data and all relevant parameters in the Intelligent Enterprises APIs section: Appendix A: Simulated Data for Intelligent Enterprises APIs.