Intelligent Enterprises APIs Overview

Current, powered by GE™, provides Intelligent Enterprises APIs to facilitate application development. The APIs are available for the Intelligent Enterprises Current™ Digital Engine, an intelligent platform built on the GE™ Predix cloud.

Using the Intelligent Enterprises APIs, you can develop software integration applications to enhance user experience and interaction with a building environment. The APIs link to data relevant to the monitoring and management of enterprise environmental factors, such as CO2, humidity, illuminance, occupancy, and temperature, and indoor positioning information from intelligent lighting and sensors.

For example, the intelligent platform can work in conjunction with your energy management system, integrating data from the connected network within your building's energy systems, such as HVAC, lighting, and refrigeration, to drive energy efficiency and lower costs.

The Current™ Digital Engine is an open platform that makes data available via APIs to a client ecosystem to drive business productivity based outcomes for commercial and industrial buildings.